Tyket Account Help Center 

Add or remove accounts from Tyket

If you are not already signed in to the account you want to add on your mobile device, we will use the email address or phone number of the account you are signed in to to populate that information for the account you want to add.

In a Tyket account you can have different profiles: Fanatyks (Fans), TykTalents (Talented People), and TyzBiz (Any Company or Business Person), to interact with them.

When you create an account for the first time, you will need to create at least one Fanatyks profile to register a username, this will become your default profile (once you have created any other type of profile within Tyket, you can change the default in the option Profile Manager).

To set up your account and fill out any information, just head to More > Settings > Account in your Tyket app.

Create a Tyket account

To create accounts on your phone or tablet:

1. Download or open the Tyket app.
2. Tap the Sign Up option.
3. Follow the on-screen instructions until you finish all required fields.

Delete an account permanently

To delete am accounts permanently on your phone or tablet:

1. Open the Tyket app and make sure you are logged into the account you want to Delete.
2. Navigate to Account Settings: More > Settings > Account.
3. Tap click Delete Account.
4. Select the Delete account permanently option.
5. Tap Continue.
6. In the popup that appears select Delete.
7. Complete the required fields on the Delete Account form.
8. Select the Delete Account option.

NOTE: If you took these steps to delete an account, your profile and account details will be deleted within 30 days. You will not be visible on Tyket until then. If you change your mind, you can log back in before the deletion date and choose to keep your account. Your profile and account details will be hidden until the date of permanent account deletion.